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The World Series Of Poker Looks Like It Is Thriving, But Look Below The Surface

The World Series Of Poker had another record breaking year and remains the industry standard, In 2011, there was a record 75,672 entries compared to last year's record of 72,966. This year was up 3.7 percent of last year. Also, the prize pool set a record in 2011 with a whooping $191,999,010 dollars compared to last year's previous high of $187,109,850. This was also an increase of 2.6 percent. These numbers make you think everything is fine and dandy in the poker world.

If you take a look a little deeper you can see that most predictions of the turn out for this years tournament were deeply understated. In fact, they broke records as mentioned above. So Black Friday did not have the impact some thought it would. Despite thousands of players angry after three of the four sites failed to reimburse them even after the government cleared the way to do so. Many thought players might not be able to afford WSOP buy-ins because of the online poker crackdown. We believe the predictions were a year early. With sponsorship down and less fish playing online poker these days the sharks are not going to make much cash for buy ins. It just has not been long enough for the losses to kick in.

The television portion of the tournament has definitely taken a commercial hit. It's not surprising because the owners of these sites were huge sponsors especially Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. If you have been watching the tournament on television you will see their logos are not on the players either. Even the UFC events don't have these sponsors anymore. If ratings are down this year they can lose even more sponsors. One good thing is GoDaddy has signed on this year to be a sponsor and maybe that is a good sign.

The bottom line is next year is the year to worry about. If poker players cant find online poker sites that accept players from the US, then they could lose interest and take up different hobbies. Even if their desire is to play, but there is no place online, they may get frustrated. Either way the lack of US poker sites is a problem and the fact these players have not had there funds returned to them is another. The environment over the next year can really get bad.

So how do we fix it and keep the greatest tournament in the world? That is not going to be an easy one. Here are some thoughts. First, if the government is prosecuting the operators of these poker sites criminally, then they should also pursue the funds being returned to the players just as vigorously. The poker players were not breaking any laws and their funds should be returned. Second, there needs to be a law that legalizes online poker at the very least if not all of gambling. The law makers should not play politics with this situation. It is time to get past the Indian gaming lobby and help the players. Until we get more poker sites accepting US players the game is in trouble and so is the tournament. like

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2017 Series mundiales de póquer: Benjamin Zamani gana $ 1.500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8 Evento

Sólo quedaban 29 jugadores en el Evento # 4 de las World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2017: $ 1.500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8 para comenzar el Día 3 de Sábado, pero eso no significaba que sería un viaje rápido a la finalización del torneo . Le tomó 11 horas a Benjamin Zamani salir triunfante después de las 2:30 de la mañana, pero su pago de casi un cuarto de millón de dólares por su segundo brazalete WSOP probablemente mantuvo a Zamani despierto.
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Al entrar en la mesa final el sábado, Zamani fue segundo al último en fichas con 750.000, un millón detrás del líder del chip Jared Hemingway. Hubo tres niveles claros en la mesa final, con Hemingway en un nivel solo, luego Alex Ferrari y Gary Vick con 1,2 millones y 1 millón de fichas respectivamente, luego un grupo en el tercer nivel: Scott Bueller (775.000), Ryan Pluf y Zamani (750.000) y Forrest Auel (675.000).

Usted puede notar que esta mesa final fue de siete jugadores, en lugar de las habituales de ocho jugadores que veríamos en un torneo de Omaha. Esto se debe a que tanto el noveno como el octavo clasificados fueron eliminados en la misma mano por Hemingway.

El grupo se rompió para la cena en ese punto y aproximadamente una hora después del juego reasumido, Zamani hizo su movimiento grande. Teniendo a A-6-Q-Q de doble punta, Zamani dio vuelta a Quads y sin ninguna mano baja calificatoria hacia fuera allí, podía coaxial un pedazo significativo de virutas de Ferrari para crecer su apilado a 2.3 millón y tomar el plomo de la viruta.

Zamani estaba arriba y abajo de ese punto, pero entró en el juego de tres manos con el plomo de la viruta en un aumento extremadamente cercano. Con 2.550 millones de fichas, Zamani estaba por delante de Hemingway (2.250 millones), que estaba por encima de Ferrari (2.050 millones).

Zamani rápidamente sacó a Hemingway y los dos partidos altos y bajos para derribar a Ferrari para entrar en el heads-up. Zamani tenía un importante liderazgo en chips, de 5,1 millones a 1,6 millones. Él amplió ese plomo, llevando la pila de Hemingway abajo a solamente cerca de medio millón, pero Hemingway no dio para arriba, doblando para arriba más de una vez y sobreviviendo un par de otros all-ins con los potes partidos.

Finalmente, el déficit de fichas fue demasiado para superar y bajar a menos de un blind, Hemingway se vio obligado a all-in con 4-6-K-9 frente a 7-4-T-5 de Zamani (ignoraremos trajes aquí, Ya que no jugar un factor). El tablero vino T-J-3-2-7, dando Zamani dos pares para el alto y 2-3-4-5-7 para el bajo, y, por extensión, el brazalete de WSOP.

Como se mencionó, este fue el segundo brazalete de WSOP de Benjamin Zamani, habiendo ganado previamente un Evento No Limit Hold'em de $ 1.500 en 2015. Ahora tiene 29 ganancias de por vida en las World Series of Poker y $ 1.1 millones en ganancias. En todos los torneos en vivo, Zamani es apenas tímido de $ 4 millones en ganancias. Su mayor efectivo en vivo es exactamente de $ 1 millón, proveniente de un cuarto lugar en PokerStars Caribbean Adventure del European Poker Tour en 2010.

2017 Serie Mundial de Poker Evento # 4: $ 1.500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8 - Resultados de la Mesa Final

1. Benjamin Zamani - $ 238,620
2. Jared Hemingway - $ 147.428
3. Alex Ferrari - $ 103.471
4. Ryan Paluf - $ 73.647
5. Gary Vick - $ 53.171
6. Forrest Auel - $ 38,946
7. Scott Buller - $ 28.948
8. Martin Corpuz - $ 21,839
9. Dustin Sitar - $ 16,726

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